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Aesthetic-Embroidery Art Printed Backpack
Aesthetic-Embroidery Art Printed Backpack
Aesthetic-Embroidery Art Printed Backpack


Embroidery Art Printed Backpack

The harajuku street fashion has caught the fantasy of everyone who wishes to look super cute even in casuals. You can compliment your look with these embroidered backpacks. Made from canvas material, these are available in four evergreen colors; green, black, gray and blue.

The bags 🎒 are embroidered with Mona Lisa, little mermaid, mount Fujiyama and Aphrodite. Look like an anime with these long shoulder strap embroidered bag.

And, if you think that these are insufficient for your school, then just take note that it has a capacity of 25 liters! Isn’t it what we call utility fashion! 💃🏽Getting the most without compromising with fashion.

Grab your school books 📕📗 and head off to school with this trendy bag. Or just take them with you on your next outing. It will go well with any dress. With so many colors available, you can even mix and match with your dress.

Adding to the comfort are several inside pockets separately for phone📱 and laptop💻. Don the new harajuku look. Pay enough attention for getting caught for looking too cute though!! searches the world for the most hip, fun and blazing outfits on the planet.

Whether you love kawaii, tumblr aesthetic, k-pop or harajuku styles, we stock it all.

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